Healthy Recipes

Mudslide Protein Shake

We don’t need any excuses for this delicious chocolate mudslide protein shake. Enjoy any time of the day!

Packed with the best nutrition, this mudslide protein shake will keep you full, energised and have your tummy doing a happy dance. Try this before working out for an energy boost or enjoy on a hot day when your appetite is low.


  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • 200-300ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop FGC chocolate protein
  • 10g smooth organic peanut butter
  • Ice
  • Choc shot / liquid chocolate
  • Coconut flakes (optional)


  • Add the ice, milk, banana, shake and peanut butter to a good blender and mix well
  • If the mixture is too thick, add a little water and blend again
  • Pour your thick yummy chocolate goodness into a glass, top with a swirl of choc shot and a sprinkle with coconut