Katie Hill – Personal Trainer

Katie Hill - Personal TrainerHi there, and welcome to my world. I’m Katie, a personal trainer based in Chesterfield.

I am a 30yr old something single mum of 2 and our recent addition to our family – my 5yr old niece whom I have taken responsibility of.

Life wasn’t always so easy.

Where It All Began

Born and raised in a little village in the 80/90s, domestic violence was ‘the norm’. everyone knew it was happening but nothing was done, there wasn’t any help and as kids, we had to grow up quick. Luckily I had the influence of my amazing grandparents to provide me with morals and standards to live up to. In the space of 25 years I had lived in 30 houses and my education was upgradable. I got kicked out of my food tech course in secondary school because I just didn’t do the work. I had no one to push me at this point, a much older controlling boyfriend and no drive to do anything. You could say I was off the rails.

I’m not telling you this for sympathy, its what happened next that’s important.

Katie Hill Personal Trainer
Katie Hill Personal Trainer
Katie Hill Personal Trainer
Katie Hill Personal Trainer
Katie Hill Personal Trainer
Katie Hill Personal Trainer

My grandma's loved me, boy they loved me, but they were uneducated about food and fed me to comfort me. I was an obese child and yo-yo'd my entire life with my weight. I was the funny fat kid who made people laugh. I was hurting in many ways on the inside.

When I reached the age of 24 and just had my 2nd beautiful baby, I decided I had had enough of being over weight and forcing the same upon my children. So I hit the gym, joined a slimming group and lost 4 stone. I was 25, skinny fat and still uneducated. I was tiny, a size 6 at my lowest and obsessed with the number on the scale. This had to stop! I was damaging myself and my children!

Age 29 I wanted another baby. Still obsessed with weight and working out, I had my implant removed. Nothing happened, apart from I gained 2 stone in 8 weeks! I was told I had damaged my body so much that I was peri-menopausal. Told I would never have kids again. I honestly thought I was Bipolar with my mood swings, I had menopause symptoms and I was miserable!

Then I was introduced to an amazing product and business that changed my world.

Life Changing Moments

Katie Hill Personal Trainer

To feel me again is incredible!
To be educated on health and eating and wholefood nutrition is incredible, not only to me but my children!

This I want to share with the world!
I'm now in my 30s, I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, fitness instructor and I hold a qualification in nutrition too. I own my own online business, I work a couple of hours a week helping people with their fitness goals and I never miss anything my kids do at school. This business means I can give my niece a stable home where I'm not at work every day for hours on end and I can live my dreams while helping others do the same!

Get in touch via our contact form or facebook or give us a call on 07711 825997 and let me help you do the same too!

Much love,